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How It Works

We carry bolts of fabric in stock.  Prices reflect if the fabric is new or if it's a close out.  Prices begin at $3.98 yd up to $139.00 yd.  Fabrics do get discounted, to help rotate new fabrics in.  We also sell remnants at 50% off.  Like us on Facebook, to see when we post our month long sales.  Generally around 4 times a year.


1) Do we upholster furniture, at the store?

    No, we do not. We refer Upholsterers.  

2) Do we have a workroom, at the store?

    No, we do not.  We refer workrooms.

3) Are we interior designers?

    No, we are not.  We refer Designers.

Note:  Combined, the employees, have 37 years of experience.  And are knowledgeable of the fabrics and products in the store.  When possible, we gladly try to help...find the right fabrics.

5150 S Memorial Drive Tulsa OK 74145 us

Telephone:  +1.9186281310


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